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Reduce risks to live more peacefully: the importance of keeping our insurance plan updated

The world is undergoing increasingly accelerated transformations. These shake us and make us increasingly aware of the need to be protected against unforeseen events in order to have greater predictability in the future and to be able to continue with our life or business.

In Argentina these changes are more marked, and therefore, people and businesses must be clear about the risks to which their property, life or business are exposed in order to reduce them or transfer them to an insurer that can respond to the unpredictability that these risks occur.

The properties and their content, the automobiles or any means of mobility, and the companies with their activity, must be well advised to keep the risks controlled and/or mitigated. In our country, for example, inflation is causing many assets, such as properties and businesses, to be underinsured as a result of inflation and the lack of adjustment of the sums insured. For this reason, it is important to seek advice from an insurance advisory producer and learn about all the options that exist to better choose your insurance plan.

Although the opinion of people regarding insurance is changing, there are also people who consider insurance an expense. However, investing in an insurance plan tailored to our current needs is one of the key financial planning tools to reduce risks, since it allows us to protect our assets and assets.

But many times we forget to update our insurance to suit our current lifestyle because our lives change. Perhaps you were a mother or a father, or you ride a bicycle more than before, or you have to carry your notebook on public transport more often, or you are about to move, or you bought a new cell phone and every time you go out you think “I have it to insure”, but then you start doing something else.

During October, the insurance industry celebrates insurance week with initiatives such as Grupo San Cristóbal’s “Tranqui Week”, an insurance awareness week that serves as a reminder to take the time to verify if our lifestyle has changed and requires new coverage, if the ones we have in force are up to date, or if inflation is affecting the insured sums of our assets and they need to be adjusted.

Our policies protect us, give us peace of mind, cover our loved ones and recover losses in case of accidents. However, the value of assets we own may change over time. An insurance policy that offered excellent protection until last year may not offer the same today.

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