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Project creates mandatory insurance to indemnify disasters caused by rains

According to the text, insurance will be charged on all residential properties and will have a reduced rate for those occupied by low-income residents.

Bill 1410/22 creates the Compulsory Insurance for Personal and Property Damage, for compensation for damage caused by a natural disaster related to rain. The text under analysis in the Chamber of Deputies of Brazil provides that the insurance charge will apply to all residential property located in urban or rural areas.

According to the proposal, the annual premium (price paid by the insured) will be based on a rate previously defined on the sale value of the property. This rate should be higher in the areas indicated in the municipal master plan as more susceptible to the occurrence of landslides, floods or related processes.

Also according to the text, the property occupied exclusively by low-income residents will have a reduced rate. Those occupied by a family registered in the Cadastro Único para Programas Sociais (CadÚnico) whose monthly family income per capita is less than or equal to 0.5 minimum wage (R$ 606 today) will be exempt from the premium.


Personal injuries covered by the insurance will comprise compensation for death or permanent disability (total or partial). The payment of material damages will be made upon proof of residence in the place affected by the disaster and of any damage, by means of a technical report by a qualified professional.

There will be no compensation when there is an unjustifiable refusal to vacate the property in a risk area after notification by the Civil Defense. In addition, to facilitate the relocation of people who live in these places, the text allocates part of the collection to the National Fund for Social Housing (FNHIS).

“Natural disasters have been increasingly frequent and severe as a result of climate change, with human, material and environmental damage,” said the author of the proposal, deputy Tabata Amaral (PSB-SP). “They represent a high economic cost, which adds to the suffering for the loss of life”, she continued.


The project is being finalized and will be analyzed by the Finance and Taxation commissions; of National Integration, Regional and Amazon Development; and Constitution and Justice and Citizenship.

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