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Every second person is open to changing car insurance

Almost every second driver (45 percent) is thinking about changing insurance this year or has already done so. According to a representative survey by ADAC car insurance, 55 percent do not want to do anything. This also shows what role the broker plays in the deal – and that the price is not the most important thing.

In a representative survey by ADAC Autoversicherung, 36 percent of drivers stated that they wanted to think about changing their car insurance this year. A further 6 percent have already decided to switch, and 3 percent have already taken out new insurance. The majority of 55 percent, on the other hand, want to leave everything as it is and not change this year.

According to the ADAC, survey data on actual insurance changes in the past confirm that around half of drivers are generally willing to change their car insurance. Almost every second person (47 percent) has changed their car insurance in the past five years. 30 percent switched providers once, 13 percent twice, and four percent three or more times.

“Middle-aged drivers are particularly willing to change,” reports ADAC car insurance – in the age group between 40 and 49, one in four (26 percent) has changed their car insurance at least twice in the past five years.

Incidentally, drivers do not value the price the most, but rather the service provided by their insurance company after an accident. 71 percent of those surveyed state that uncomplicated claims processing is very important to them. The price of the car insurance is very important for 66 percent, the scope of services for 60 percent. A personal contact person is very important for every third person (31 percent).

8 percent of the switches are made via brokers

And the ADAC has also observed this: When taking out car insurance, personal advice is still very popular with many drivers. 45 percent took out their insurance directly with one of the provider’s advisors, and a further 7 percent by telephone. 8 percent decided to take out a contract with a classic insurance broker (see graphic). In contrast, a total of 38 percent of the transactions are made online. 31 percent took out their car insurance online from a provider, 7 percent from an online comparison portal.

While shopping on the Internet is particularly popular with young people, the picture is different when it comes to taking out car insurance: In the age group between 18 and 29, the proportion of those who took out their insurance online was only 31 percent. The highest proportion of online degrees is in the 50-59 age group. At this age, 46 percent of drivers took out their current car insurance online.

Cancellation of car insurance is generally possible at the end of an insurance year with one month’s notice. The insurance year usually ends on December 31st. The cancellation must then be made by the deadline of November 30th.

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