health insurance from their employer

Almost 50% of Estonian residents would like to have health insurance from their employer

According to a survey conducted by Turu-uuringute AS, about half of the people in Estonia would like to have health insurance from their employer, but statistics from the Association of Estonian Insurance Companies show that only one in ten actually has it.

However, more and more employers are taking on an important role in keeping their employees healthy. In the insurance company ERGO alone, the number of health insurance contracts entered into by the employer has increased six-fold over the past four years, and the amounts reimbursed have grown almost ten-fold.

In the first eight months of 2022, ERGO reimbursed more than 9,000 employer health insurance cases, almost four times more than in the same period last year.

“Supplementary health insurance has found its place in the system of employee motivation and is increasingly appreciated,” said Janika Luis-Likk, head of health insurance risks at ERGO.

“Each year, employees are becoming more aware of the situations in which additional health insurance can come to the rescue, and interest in the possibilities of using it,” added Luys-Likk. makes employees value their own ability to work more and more. More attention has also been paid to disease prevention, and in case of health problems, a visit to the doctor is no longer postponed for the distant future – the problem is solved immediately. “

Philip Morris International, one of the world’s top 10 employers, has been protected by complementary health insurance for many years.

The number of employees with employer health insurance has tripled in Estonia

“With such insurance, employees pay much more attention to their health. Every employer should dream of this, because healthy and motivated employees are one of the foundations of every business,” said Sandra Daukšienė, Head of Human Resources and Corporate Culture at Philip Morris Baltic. can do something for its part so that people have the opportunity and desire to pay more attention to their mental and physical well-being, then today such an offer should be the standard in every enterprise.

Additional medical insurance allows the employee to use paid medical services faster, more comfortably and at lower cost. Insurance can cover dental care, eyeglasses or contact lenses, rehabilitative care needed in case of injuries, the flu vaccine needed each fall, and more extensive dental care after an electric scooter accident, for example.

“The insured person can choose the provider of medical services he likes and the time of the visit that is convenient for him, as well as cover the costs of such medical services that the Health Insurance Fund does not reimburse or does it only to a limited extent,” said the representative of ERGO. protection, it is the most expensive services that are most in demand: for example, vaccinations, preventive examinations and dental services.If a person uses a monitor in his work, then the contract may include additional coverage for the purchase of glasses or lenses, and if he has to work in a forced uncomfortable position of the body – covering the costs of rehabilitation procedures prescribed by the doctor.

The companies with the most specific skills usually apply for coverage with the greatest opportunities, because competition between employers in hiring such specialists is very high.

“In order to motivate such employees, the employer wants to offer as many additional benefits as possible in addition to wages,” Luis-Likk added.

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