How to get good at writing when you really suck at writing?


If you’ve ever wanted to be a good writer but realize that you really suck, you’re not along. A lot of us including me has wanted really badly to get good at writing, but then you thought, why? What’s the big deal if I’m a good writer or not?

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First, you need to like it. Getting to know more about a topic, that information and knowledge stays with you. I used to suck, big time! But the more you blog, and improve your skills and educate your audience the more people will love your articles and the more “claps” you will get.

Writing surely isn’t easy, long intensive topics with quotations and references. It’s a struggle.

But I feel a need to educate my readers. I focus on content. What it is you’re writing about is very important. It captivates your readers.

You can capture audience in ways a lot more than just blogs and Medium. There’s vlogs, Facebook, Instagram, podcasts, info graphics, video conferencing and much more.

How important is content marketing?

Take a look at what the Content Marketing Institute found in this article. The question was, what content does your organization use that will be most critical to your overall content market success in 2017?

You could say in English which says, “What’s the most important content marketing tactic?”


Over fifty percent

Bloggers fall into three main categories

1-Some people carry with them an inferiority complex with their writing. They believe they’re awful, but they’re really not as bad as they think.

2-Others think the opposite problem. They’re amazing they know it and they don’t care if you agree with them. 3-3-Others are somewhere in the middle they know they’re not the worst writer but they leave some room there to improve, because they’re somewhere in the middle.

Where ever you are on this list, you worship your own awesomeness or your debilitating inferiority complex is holding you back, you can and should improve.

This is how you do it.

Figure out what your readers think is amazing.

This is my point of view, make things simple, nice and easy to understand.

1- Build amazing content for your readers.

2- Find the people who really matter in your industry and learn from these people. If you’re in real estate find what real estate agents and people looking for homes recommend and are looking for.

3. These people will give to you what’s amazing and important in your industry.

We sometimes overthink and complicate things too much. We try too much or over work ourselves without getting right to the issue.

Something Jeff Bezos that has stuck with me and it doesn’t leave my mind. You need to be obsessed with the overall customer experience. Which is why Amazon is such an amazing company.

They use reviews, customer questions, professional photos not the ebay stuff you find in someones basement, video reviews, image maximizing.

Products are reviewed and summarized by the seller to make it easier for the customer to understand what’s important.

A few things that are important to notice about customer obsession.

1-Photos muse be professional with white background and in this way, professional.

2- The seller shows all his/her products for sale showing this seller has a track record of successful products and in many cases creates an email list that show he has sold to many items to the same people

3- The product description will in many cases describe important things to this product like install product with a certain battery or charger, ect.

4- There are customers or prospective customers that can ask questions about the product and the customers can find out more about that particular product, This is amazing.

5- Lastly all reviews are verifiable so you know that that person actually bought that product and what they said really came from them.

It’s obsession.

That same kind of obsession needs to go into our writing. Simple but exactly what the customer or in our case for bloggers are looking for readers, are looking for.

Here’s a great tool that I picked up that is helping me build my page.

This is free site tool that tells your blog or website’s data. Website traffic, statistics and analytics that are important to your readers.

Put your site in and click find.

We'll get into the updates of this at another time, with that in mind stay with me for more on this topic.

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