If something goes wrong at a construction site, the cost of a claim can skyrocket. Protect your construction with Lancaster Insurance Construction Insurance. In this way, you will avoid unnecessary delays and financial losses in your construction project.

A lot can happen before your house is finished: a wall collapses, someone paints over an unfinished wall, copper wires are stolen at night. These unforeseen events can result in large additional costs as well as construction delays. Lancaster Insurance construction insurance will protect you from such damage.

Construction work insurance covers the cost of property damage at a construction site. Lancaster Insurance also advances payments to you, which must be reimbursed by the workers’ liability insurer. Thus, the continuation of construction work is guaranteed.

After the construction of your home is completed, your need for extensive insurance coverage will not disappear. With building guarantee insurance, you secure your right to have construction defects corrected by all companies involved in the construction work. So you can enjoy your new home in complete peace of mind!