The French insurance giant has agreed to pay restaurants 300 million euros ($360 million) in connection with the closure of Covid

French insurance giant Axa said Thursday it will pay 300 million euros to some 15,000 restaurants struggling to cover at least some of their losses because Covid blocked their policies.The agreement came after Axa faced several lawsuits from restaurant owners who said the insurer was trying to back out of its contractual obligations, putting their

Buying your own health insurance has become much cheaper

Tens of millions of Americans will find it significantly more affordable to purchase their own health insurance starting this month, thanks to generous financial assistance included in the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) signed by President Joe Biden in March. This includes many people who have already bought a plan for this year, as well

Out of State Auto Insurance

Car insurance helps protect drivers against financial loss should they get into a car accident. Because so much is at stake, there are a lot of factors involved. For example, after an accident, your insurance company will likely need to know how the car was damaged, where the accident occurred and who was at fault

Auto insurance for drivers with DUI

If you had a DUI, you may have experienced an increase in car insurance premiums even from the best car insurance companies. If a driver is found guilty of drunk driving, insurance companies generally consider the driver to be at high risk. Research supports this position. Alcohol-related accidents cause up to $ 44 billion in